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Chair’s Note


Dear Students and Faculty,

Welcome back!

As it is now September, and we turn our attention to the new academic year, I wanted to write you about a few of the changes that have taken place over the summer and point out some of the new opportunities for the coming academic year. I also wanted to thank Graduate Program Coordinator Rick Mohler, Undergraduate Program Coordinator Rob Peña and all of the staff of the Department for their support (and patience) during my first year as Chair.

So, we have a new website! Please check it out as we think it does a great job of communicating our programs as well as presenting the work of our faculty and students and connecting to our various constituencies. Its launch last month was the culmination of a roughly two year process that was initiated by the CBE to bring all Departments together under a common web framework. I would like to thank staff member Nancy Dragun and student assistant Sarah Chan for their tireless efforts to see this project through. I also appreciate the support of Brian Vogt and the Dean’s Office in accommodating our needs.

The new opportunities for 2016-2017 include the appointment of John Ochsendorf from MIT as the Barry Onouye Endowed Chair. Professor Ochsendorf will give a lecture on November 2, 2016 and co-teach the studio and a course on structural architecture with Assistant Professor Tyler Sprague during Spring 2017.

In addition, I am pleased to announce the first year of a collaboration with Perkins + Will through its Director of Research, John Haymaker. This begins in Fall 2016 with a seminar, Arch 526: Topics in High Performance Buildings and continues Winter 2017 with an Arch 504 studio co-taught by Research Associate Professor Chris Meek and Devin Kleiner (MArch 2004) of the Seattle office of Perkins + Will.

All the best for the new academic year!

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Brian L. McLaren, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair
UW Department of Architecture