Application into the Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Design requires the following materials, submitted in the order listed, to be considered for entry into the program. All students must also complete the five prerequisite courses by the end of spring quarter. These courses are Architecture 200, 201, 350, 351 and 352 and are typically taken in the sophomore year.

In response to the hardships or challenges remote learning may pose, the application deadline for the Architecture and Architectural Design majors has been extended to Monday, April 13, 2020 by 4:00 pm PST. The admissions review process for Autumn Quarter 2020 entry to these programs will begin immediately after the submission deadline.

We understand that remote learning may be impacting access to certain layout and publishing software, so we welcome other types of portfolio formatting. A suggested alternative is to create a PowerPoint file that showcases your visual work, saved as a PDF. Your transcripts, DARS report, essay, and resume can be in a separate PDF. Combine all into a single PDF, OR upload separate files for submission.

If you will be submitting multiple PDFs, please label them in the following way:
last name_firstname_ArchDesign_Transcripts_2020
last name_firstname_ArchDesign_DARSreport_2020
last name_firstname_ArchDesign_Essay_2020
last name_firstname_ArchDesign_Resume_2020
last name_firstname_ArchDesign_Portfolio_2020

Application requirements

Application materials must be in the following order:

  • Cover with name clearly legible
  • Table of contents (if desired)
  • Department Application (found online here)
  • Transcripts of all college-level work – Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
  • DARS Report (Degree Audit Report for Architectural Design major)
  • Composition of ONE of the two following essay questions – Use your choice of either of the two questions to help direct and compose a narrative that addresses the general question and helps the committee understand your interest and motivation in applying to the Architectural Design major. Approximately 500 words (single spaced).
  • Essay Question #1 – “Describe a place you have visited, lived or worked in that has inspired your interest in architecture and explain why.”
  • Essay Question #2 – “Describe a place or building that you have read about or studied and explain how and why it inspired your interest in architecture.”
  • Personal Resume – A typewritten summary of your education, employment history, recreational interests, hobbies, travel, and personal interests.
  • Creative work pages – Please see Undergraduate Portfolio Tips
    • Required file format:  PDF (hardcopy portfolios will not be accepted).  Portfolios should be designed and formatted for on-screen viewing.
    • Cover page is required and must include your name as it appears on your UW application.
    • Maximum number of pages of design work:  24 – 8.5”x11” pages OR 12 – 11”x17” pages
    • Maximum file size: 30MB