Green Lake Boat House//AU 14

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Course Description

This studio will focus on designing a new Boathouse for the Green Lake Small Craft Center. It will complement the existing structures already in use at the south end of Green Lake. Green Lake Craft Center is a City of Seattle rowing, sailing, kayaking and canoeing program, designed to make small-craft boating accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

The Site: The site is located at the south end of Green Lake. It is layered between the jogging path and the lake itself. There are a variety of existing structures currently used by the Small Craft Center on the site, including two buildings built in the 1980s and the remnants of an Aquatheater that was built for the first Seafair in 1950. It will be up to you to decide how to integrate with these on a site planning scale.

The Program: While the primary goal is to give the Small Craft Center an architecturally significant facility, the City of Seattle has also mandated that the Small Craft Center investigate how it may help generate revenue at this most popular city park. Together with Jason Frisk, the Director of Green Lake Small Craft Center, you will develop an appropriate program that will address both of these issues.