Building REuse Studio//WI 16

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Course Description

After two weeks of site and building surveying, students will begin a design approach to adaptive reuse that preserves some or all of the existing building on our site, arguing for their particular use and site strategy. Building 18, while part of the Sand Point Historic District, is a utilitarian building that has been slowly degrading due to “demolition by neglect” yet has recently been physically repaired to negate some of the adverse affects this neglect has taken.

As one of the ‘lesser’ historic buildings on the site, students will have to take a stand on their approach to the building, deciding what is important to move forward. Deciding from their analysis what, if anything, has important significance culturally on the site. Students will also assess the building as a physical artifact, measuring its embodied energy and material resources, understanding the importance of recycling whole buildings as a sustainable act.