Ground//AU 15

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Course Description

“…establishing the foundation becomes one of the most important, definitive moments in the [architectural] process.” – Jose Rafael Moneo


This design studio will explore the place of architecture in landscape.

Special attention will be given to the relationship between building and ground.

Utilizing the theme of Ground with a focus on the relationship between architecture and landscape, the studio will provide the opportunity for students to further develop a personal design process, and to explore model and representation methods to complement their portfolio. The design project is simple in program but complex and layered with respect to landscape, history, and place. It consists of a public dining hall, guest rooms and a bathhouse. The program will provide visitors and groups with a place for rest, relaxation, nourishment, and renewal, framed by the backdrop of the Palouse and Scablands landscape. Studio participants will interpret this program and its architectural expression through the lens of research and personal experience.