Positive/Negative//WI 15

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Course Description

“Making pictures is a very simple act. There is no great secret in photography…You just need practice and application of what you’ve learned. My absolute conviction is that if you are working reasonably well the only important thing is to keep shooting. It doesn’t matter whether you are making any money or not. Keep working because as you go through the process of working things begin to happen.”  – Elliot Erwitt


A photographer has purchased a 25’x100′ lot at 5223 Ballard Ave NW, thus realizing a lifelong dream of constructing a building that combines the various elements of photography on one site. It is the hope of the photographer that the building will be a catalyst and public forum for individual and collective photographic work.

The design project is about telling a story that interprets the site and the program and narrates a spatial experience.