Positive/Negative//WI 16

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Course Description

A local photographer purchased a 25’ X 100’ lot at 5223 Ballard Ave. NW in Seattle, thus realizing a lifelong dream of constructing a building that combines various elements of photography on one site. The photographer’s goal is to transform the building to act as a catalyst and public forum for both individual and collective photographic work.

In addition to creating spaces for making and displaying photography, there will be three offices, two for lease and one for the private use of the photographer. The private space will be used as a daily retreat from work, and consequently must address important aspects of dwelling. There must be a small kitchen for preparing meals, a large table for work and eating, space for books and supplies, and a place to rest.

The remaining two office spaces, although there is no requirement that the offices be rented to photographers, should support the working life of the building and present artists’ ideas of image making to the public. These offices will not only provide additional rental income, but also the promise of attracting a diverse group of artists and photographers to the building.

This design project is about telling a story that interprets the site and the program and narrates a spatial experience.