The 47° North group is a part of the UW Architecture PAC and provides the opportunity for students to work alongside local professionals and Department faculty to sponsor interactive learning events throughout the academic year. Events include formal lectures, informal talks, exhibitions and office tours.

2017-2018 Panel Series: 3 | 3 | 3

3  Firms | 3 Projects | 3 Phases 
A quarterly “work in progress” presentation, tracking three projects throughout the school year. Three firms (Olson Kundig, CallisonRTKL, and Mutuus Studio) will make 15-20 minute presentations of “on the boards” projects at their worksites. The series will track the same three projects over the course of a year, and will take place in a different presenting firm’s office each quarter. 47ºN will provide snacks and refreshments.

11/29/17:  47⁰N 3/3/3 at Olson Kundig 

2/28/18:   47⁰N 3/3/3 at CallisonRTKL

5/16/18:    47⁰N 3/3/3 at Mutuus Studio






2017-2018 team:

Andres Flores
Rosemarie Gregoire
Teresa Moroseos
Bryan Washko
Emilia Cabeza de Baca
Solomon Cohen
Victoria Haynes
Ryan Willis
Gaura Ely
Kelly Skaggs
PAC committee members:
Laura Bartunek
Edward Lalonde