Master of Architecture in High Performance Building (1 Year Post Professional)

The Master of Architecture in High Performance Building (1 Year Post Professional) is open to candidates holding a professional architecture degree (5-year B.Arch or accredited M.Arch). 

This program offers the opportunity to pursue a concentrated course of study in high-performance building design at the University of Washington Department of Architecture. The program is structured around a self-directed research project and a blend of electives and required courses that draw primarily from offerings in building science and design computing. The course of study commences with a faculty-led colloquium, Topics in High Performance Buildings which allows students to explore and refine their focus, and concludes with an individual or team Thesis. A minimum of 46 quarter-credits will be required for the completion of the program which can be accomplished in three quarters (nine months), if desired.

The city of Seattle and the University of Washington offer a unique center for high-performance building design and construction. Depending on student interest and resource availability, synergistic research and employment opportunities may exist with departmental faculty. This may include opportunities at the UW Integrated Design Lab (UW IDL), the Design Machine Group (DMG), and/or the opportunity to conduct building performance research at the Bullitt Center, a six-story net-zero energy office building currently pursuing Living Building Certification.

This program is not accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB). Candidates holding a four-year architectural degree (particularly those awarded outside the U.S.) who intend to seek a license to practice architecture in the U.S., should apply for the two-year M.Arch. Degree. Candidates holding an accredited architectural degree, or a degree in an allied design discipline, who wish to pursue advanced study in design computing (both research and applications) or the history and theory of architecture, should apply to the Master of Science (M.S.) in Architecture degree program, not the one-year post-professional Master of Architecture in High-Performance Building. 

Integrated Design Lab
Bullitt Center
Design Machine Group

For application requirements and materials, see M Arch Admissions.


YEAR ONE          
Autumn   Winter   Spring  
503 Arch Design Studio IV
6 599 Thesis Research Prep 4 700 Master's Thesis 9
530 Integrated Building Systems 5 533 Advanced Environmental Systems 3 Sustainable Systems Elective 3
526 Topics in High Performance Buildings 3 Sustainable Systems Elective 3 Elective 3
Elective 3 Design Studio Option (or two electives) 6    
  17   16   15

* Arch 503 designates the comprehensive design studio; which is offered only autumn and winter quarters. 
In Winter quarter, students can take any 503 or 504 design studio in place of two 3-credit electives.

Download a PDF of the Master of Architecture in High Performance Building Curriculum.