Graduate of the Last Decade

This award recognizes the accomplishments of alumni of the UW Department of Architecture within ten years of their graduation. These creative achievements can be in any or all of the following areas: architectural and/or design/build practice; allied arts and design; architectural education or mentorship of graduates in practice; and outreach and community service. The recipients of this award show great promise for expanding the impact of the profession of architecture through creative forms of practice and civic engagement.

Previous Awardees:

Scott Crawford
M.Arch 2008, MS Arch 2010
LMN Architects

Mariam Kamara
M.Arch 2013
atelier masomi

Suk Lee
B.Arch 2008
Steven Holl Architects

Previous Nominees

Jess Blanch

M.Arch 2012

Jess Blanch is an Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow working with Capitol Hill Housing (CHH) in Seattle. This three-year appointment allows her to improve the environmental footprint of that group’s property portfolio, boost the health outcomes of residents and CHH staff, promote design excellence and advance the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict’s goals for district-scale equity, sustainability and resilience.

Jess came to the UW M.Arch program in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College (2005), where she focused on environmental earth sciences and human development & education. During her graduate studies she expanded these interests with a concentration on public interest design, urban design, adaptive re-use and high performance buildings. She also worked as a Research Assistant in the Integrated Design Lab.

Following graduation she worked as an architectural designer for Environmental Works Community Design Center, where she worked with nonprofit clients from feasibility studies through the completion of construction. The range of projects included affordable housing, community and cultural facilities, child care centers, food banks, a tiny house village, and a kitchen classroom.

Allan Co

M.Arch 2011

Allan Co is an Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow working with Hudson River Housing (HRH) in Poughkeepsie, NY and MASS Design Group, based in Boston, MA. His work with HRH and MASS focuses on quality affordable housing, innovative public programming, and community building and engagement as catalysts for equitable economic revitalization. His goal for this three-year fellowship is to build stronger socioeconomic patterns and foster urban resilience through diversity, inclusion and local capacity building.

Allan has a Bachelor of Arts in the History of Art (2004) and a Bachelor of Architecture (2006) from Rice University. He graduated from our M.Arch program in 2011, focusing on design strategies for the urban dwelling unit that integrates the individual within the urban fabric and community. At the same time he joined our Master of Science in Architecture Program with a focus on History and Theory. Graduating in 2012, his focus in this case was informal developments and low-income housing in the rapidly growing cities in South America.

Allan also has a considerable breadth of experience in architectural practice, working in Seville, Spain; Boston, MA; Seattle and Bainbridge Island, WA; and New York, NY.

Jake LaBarre

M.Arch 2009

Jake Labarre is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Rural Studio at Auburn University. As one of two professors in this internationally renowned program, he is responsible for teaching the design studio and building with the students. This work draws from his substantial experience in the profession of architecture and the field of building.

Jake has a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN from 1995. Following his studies in the boat building section of the wood construction center at Seattle Central Community College, he worked for 8 years (1998-2004) with JAS Design Build in Seattle as a lead carpenter, cabinet maker, framer, site lead and trainer of new employees and builders. Jake joined our M.Arch program and graduated in 2009, after which he joined the Miller|Hull Partnership in 2010. In 2011, he was invited to co-teach the Neighborhood Design Build by Professor Steve Badanes, a relationship that has led to a succession of 6 student-designed and -built projects for local community groups and non-profits. Since 2008 Jake has also taken on a number of building projects through Francis Building and Design (sole practitioner) and Blammo! (founding partner).

Chad Robertson

M.Arch 2007

Chad Robertson is owner, designer and fabricator in his own custom furniture company Chadhaus LLC. This business began as a modest partnership committed to designing and building well-crafted modern furniture and micro-architecture and has expanded to encompass a full line of highly-refined wood and metal furnishings available through its website. Chadhaus is now a company with five full-time employees and a manufacturing facility that ships its furniture to the US, Canada and internationally.

Chad has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western Washington University (2000), and worked for 3 years as a furniture maker’s apprentice with Stewart Wurtz prior to joining our Master of Architecture program in the fall of 2004. Immediately following his graduation in 2007, he formed Chadhaus LLC  through which he has focused most of his design activities.

Beginning in the spring of 2007, Chad co-taught the Neighborhood Design Build Studio with Steve Badanes for 4 consecutive spring quarters. The work focused on student-built projects that include a seating and picnic area for Danny Woo Gardens in the International District of Seattle and a playhouse and living fence for Wellspring Family Services.

Ray Villanueva

M.Arch 2007

Ray Villanueva is a project manager and project architect for Miller Hayashi Architects, where he works on a range of public and commercial projects through all phases of design and construction. He is also co-founder of Estudio Damgo, a design and build program established in 2011 at Foundation University in the Philippines, which focuses on a range of public projects built out of bamboo, rammed earth and other local materials.

Ray has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland (2005) and completed his Master of Architecture at the University of Washington in 2007. He won a thesis certificate for exceptional achievement, was awarded an AIA certificate for academic excellence, and was an AIA Seattle Student Diversity Scholar. More recently he was co-director and leader of the summer 2015 Philippines Bamboo Workshop Study Abroad Program with Elizabeth Golden of the UW Department of Architecture. In this four-week program students from the University of Washington teamed with colleagues from Foundation University in the design and construction of a market stall structure. This project was acknowledged with a 2016 ACSA Design Build Award.