Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

The new Bachelor of Arts in Architecture is a four-year, undergraduate degree program in which students explore the many factors that shape our built environment. The program provides a liberal arts foundation in the discipline of architecture that covers spatial reasoning, aesthetics, political and economic structures, socio-cultural influences, urbanism, landscape, construction, building technologies, and ecology. As a non-design architectural studies curriculum, the program engages students and allows them to experience architecture as a complex, multi-faceted discipline. Students will develop the ability to think critically about ideas within architecture and related fields of urbanism, landscape architecture, construction, representation, sustainability, history, theory and preservation. As students are introduced to architecture as a complex humanist discipline, they will be prepared for advanced graduate study or careers in related fields of the built environment.
The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program emphasizes a broad liberal arts foundation followed by fundamental prerequisite courses centering on the theory and history of design and construction of global architecture. Applications to the program are submitted the second week of spring quarter after successful completion of the first two years. The third year begins with a series of courses that emphasize history and theory, materials and the making of buildings, and sustainable themes in architecture. Once in the final year of the degree students have the option of focusing in on a custom program tailored to the students interests. This is done through the opportunity to concentrate studies through a sequence courses that allows for specialization in one of three areas: history and theory, materials and fabrication, or sustainability and technology. A Senior capstone course completes the degree requirement before graduation. 
Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Architecture program will be well prepared for graduate study in the field of architectural design as well as advanced study in allied disciplines such as architectural history, historic preservation, landscape architecture, urban planning or construction management. This liberal arts degree also prepares students for careers in other areas of design, journalism and criticism, planning policy and law, community leadership, real estate or development or work in related non-profit organizations.
For application guidelines and materials, see Admissions.
If you are interested in applying this year, please contact the undergraduate advisor Kim Sawada,
Application for entry in Autumn 2014, due June 23rd.