Murcutt | AUSTRALIA - SPRING 2014

The Murcutt|AUSTRALIA Studio is an upper-level graduate studio open to all architecture students who will be entering either Arch 502 or Arch 506 during spring quarter. Pritzker Prize Winner Architect Glenn Murcutt and UW Associate Professor Peter Cohan lead the studio. The studio begins with a 2 1/2 week trip to Australia, starting in Sydney with side trips to Murcutt's Boyd Center and Simpon-Lee House. This is followed by an intense two week charette near Crescent Head, New South Wales.

Students stay at Murcutt's farm allowing them to develop a sensitive understanding of site/building relationships and how the geology, geomorphology, topography, ecology, climate and history of a site can have a critical impact upon design decisions. Preparing food, cooking and sharing communal meals will
provide the occasion for conversations with Glenn during the evening. A weekend interval for visits to the Wilson River Primitive Reserve and to the coastal beaches near Crescent Head will allow students to experience the rich variety of Australia's ecozones and ecotones.

Upon returning to Seattle, the studio will continue to refine the projects they conceived in Australia. Large-scale models and further site development will allow the students to refine their design explorations. The final two weeks of the quarter will be devoted to the production of a permanent recordof the studio, including a mounted exhibition of the work and a printed document. Contact: Peter Cohan

Information Packet
Application Deadline: December 16, 2013