Students and Ken Oshima are currently traveling in Japan for studio!

Japan Studio

This Spring Quarter program is offered every other year. Students travel during Spring Break to Japan exploring both traditional and modern architecture visiting cities such as Tokyo, Sendai, Nara, and Kyoto.  Studio coursework is completed back in Seattle during the Spring Quarter.  Contact: Ken Tadashi Oshima.

The current course offered during Spring 2013 is as follows:

Metabolic Urbanism

Ken Tadashi Oshima, Associate Professor, Architecture

This elective graduate/undergraduate architecture studio (6 credits) will investigate the nature of Metabolic  urbanism from premodern times to the present through a study tour to Japan during spring break 2013 as the basis for the design of dynamic urban infrastructure for Seattle.  Traveling from Seattle to the contemporary 
Japanese capital of Tokyo and historic capital of Kyoto, students will analyze the evolution of buildings and material assemblies in relationship to their environmental and cultural contexts and investigate parallel possibilities within the Pacific Northwest for the spring studio to be conducted in Seattle.  
Course and Credits: Studio (Arch 506/402): Six credits of studio work. Students may receive one additional credit (Arch 496) for the submission of an annotated illustrated travel journal.