2+Year Accredited Master of Architecture

Master of Architecture candidates holding a pre-professional Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in architecture or environmental design from an NAAB-accredited institution are eligible for admission to the 2+year professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree program. Students admitted to the program enter at Year 1.

The Master of Architecture is a professional degree program that educates students already grounded in the liberal arts to become registered, licensed architects who assume responsible and imaginative roles in society. The curriculum emphasizes integrated architectural design and its relationship to urban issues and tectonics, as well as the technical knowledge necessary for the professional practice of architecture. Courses in architectural history and theory, building science, graphics, materials and assemblies, design/build, and international studies provide further professional training and opportunities to develop areas of specialization.

The 2+ and 3+year M.Arch. programs are accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Since most state registration boards in the United States require any applicant for licensure to have graduated from a NAAB-accredited program, obtaining such a degree is an essential aspect of preparing for the professional practice of architecture in the United States. (The one-year M.Arch. is not an accredited degree.)

Prerequisites for entering the two-year M.Arch. program:

  • Architectural design studio (in addition to "basic design" courses) - 36 quarter credits or 24 semester credits.
  • Structural design principles (statics, strength of materials, gravity and lateral load tracing, design in timber and steel) - 9 quarter credits or 6 semester credits.
  • Building materials and assembly (light construction) - 3 quarter credits or 2 semester credits.
  • Environmental forces (heat, light, sound, human comfort) - 3 quarter credits or 2 semester credits.
  • Architectural graphics (both technical and freehand) - 9 quarter credits or 6 semester credits.
  • Architectural history (ancient through modern) - 9 quarter credits or 6 semester credits.
  • Architectural theory - 3 quarter credits or 2 semester credits.
  • Design computing - 3 quarter credits or 2 semester credits.

Students with preparation exceeding that listed here can in some cases waive required courses, opening room for more elective courses.

For application requirements and materials, see M Arch Admissions.


YEAR ONE          
Autumn   Winter   Spring  
500 Arch Design Studio I
(urban context)
6 501 Arch Design Studio II
6 502 Arch Design Studio III
590 Urb & Pres Issues in Design 3 570 Design Development 3 591 Arch and Landscape 3
532 Const Matls & Assemblies II 3 531 Active Control Systems  3 533 Advanced Env Systems  3
521 Struct. Planning and Design 3 Graduate Seminar Selective 3 Graduate Seminar Selective  3
  15   15   15
YEAR TWO          
Autumn   Winter   Spring  
503 Arch Design Studio IV
6 504 Arch Design Studio V
6 595/599 Thesis Research Prep 4
571 Professional Practice 4 Professional Practice Selective 3 Elective*** 3
Design Technology Selective 3 Elective 3 Elective*** 3
        Elective 3
  13   12   13
YEAR TWO +          
700 Master's Thesis 9        
Elective 3        

Courses in plain text are taught only in the quarter indicated; courses in italics are offered in more than one quarter per year. Check annual course listings for the specific quarters in which these courses are offered.

*Arch 503 designates the comprehensive design studio; which is offered only autumn and winter quarters. Students participating in the autumn quarter Architecture in Rome program or the autumn quarter Gehl studio receive credit for Arch 504 and must take Arch 503 winter quarter.

**Arch 504 is offered autumn and winter quarters. It covers: advanced building design (housing, transportation, institutions), craft (furniture, fabrication), global/local: (Rome (fall), India (winter), Mexico (winter)), interdisciplinary (urbanism, ecology, BE studios, Gehl studio). Arch 506 is offered spring and summer quarters; it can also fulfill the Arch 504 requirement, but not Arch 503.

** In Spring quarter of Year 2, students can take the Arch 506 design studio in place of two 3-credit electives. Elective studios (Arch 506) are also offered most summers.

Download a pdf of the Master of Architecture curriculum.