Non-Majors and Minors

Students not enrolled in one of the Department of Architecture Degree programs are welcome to take many courses offered by the department.

Courses for Undergraduate Pre-Majors

Students preparing to apply to the BA in Architectural Design program must take a series of course prior to application. These include Architecture 200 and 201: Design Drawing (offered autumn and winter quarters respectively) and Architecture 350, 351, 352: History of Architecture (offered in sequence every year). For more information on applying to this program click here.

Courses for Non-Majors

The Department of Architecture offers several courses for students who are interested in a general introduction to architecture or architectural history. These include Architecture 150-151: Appreciation of Architecture,  and Architecture 251: World Architecture - Non-Western Cultures. For more information on these courses, visit the University Course Catalog.

Many of the specialized courses offered by the Department of Architecture are also open to students from outside the Department. These include courses in architectural history, media, design computing. Students interested in specific courses should contact the Department for information about access to each course.

Architectural Studies Minor

The Department of Architecture offers a 25-credit Minor in Architectural Studies. This includes  at least 20 credits of Architecture courses (of which at least 9 credits must be upper-division courses), plus 5 additional credits of upper-division courses taken in the College of Built Environments.  For more information, see these links:

Declaring a Minor

UW Rules and Regulations for Minors