Column 5

The annual, student-produced journal of the Department of Architecture, Column 5 has been published and sent to alumni and friends since 1987. The journal provides a forum for the critical exchange of ideas between the University and the broader community.  Back issues can be found in the College of Built Environments Library in Gould Hall on the UW campus.


Volume 24, 2012
"Mind the Gap"


  • Casey Goodwin, "Between Body and Environment"
  • Kimo Griggs, "Tolerance↔ Machine"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Reflection on Glass"
  • Lori Smithey, "Subverting the Clollapse"
  • Cheryl Gilge, "Digital Derive"
  •  Elizabeth Golden, "Following the Berlin Wall"
  • Amin Gilani, "Negotiating the Third Space"
  • Jeffrey Karl Oshsner, "A space of Absence"
  • Rick Mohler, "Mind the Ride"
  • Jesse Belkmap,"Two Streets"
  • Gundula  Proksch,"Found in Translation"
  • Kate Murphy and Katey Ricker, "Focus"
  • Alex Anderson, "Tolerance↔House"
  • Joshua Polansky," No space for space"

Volume 23, 2009
"Home Economics"


  • Alex T. Anderson, "Mass Perception"
  • Lauren Keene, "MICRO architecture"
  • Bob Mugerauer, "Housekeeping"
  • Joshua Polansky, "No Relief"
  • Megan Groth, "Homegrown"
  • Nicole Huber and Ralph Stern, "Urbanizing the Mojave Desert : Las Vegas"
  • Rob Potish, "Playing House"
  • Vikram Prakash, "Removing the Mask"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Evidence of Dreams"
  • Gundula Proksch, "In Vitro"
  • Folke Nyberg, "The Cloverleaf and the Grid"
  • Casey Goodwin, "Ubiquitous Convenience"
  • Jeffrey Ochsner, "Built Around a Garden"
  • Tomomi Miyashita, "Here. Now."
  • Ben Spencer, "Upgrading Slum Upgrading"
  • Ken Tadashi Oshima, "Modalities of Mobile Homes"
  • TiLT, "Platforms"
  • Robert Hutchison and Taiji Miyasaka, "Timber Grain Elevators"

Volume 22, 2008
"Turn For Clearer View"


  • Juhani Pallasmaa, “Function Vs. Image”
  • John Stamets, “Digital Vs. Film Photography”
  • Daniel Belcher, “Agents, Crowds, Architectures”
  • John Bass, “The Social Agency of Drawing”
  • Joshua Polansky and Heather Seneff, “Photographs from the Victor Steinbrueck Archive”
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, “Lost Work by Lionel Pries: The John and Dorothy Hall Residence”
  • Ken Oshima, “Testing the Limits of Inhabitation”
  • Paula Anne Patterson and Andris Vanags, “The Secret Life of Wood”
  • Alex T. Anderson, “Naked and Brutal”
  • Jeff Hou, “Urban Microcosm”
  • Alan Michelson, “Ballard Manning’s Saga: Landmark or Road Block?”
  • Jim Nicholls, “The Horse’s Mouth”
  • Andre Taybron, “Beyond the Cone of Vision”
  • Kathryn Rogers Merlino and Peter Steinbrueck, “The Greenest Practice”
  • Frank Ching, Nina Franey, Louisa Iarocci and Brian McLaren, “Walls of Rome: Re-making/Re-presenting Cities”
  • Iain M. Robertson, “Renovation of a City-Scaled Window Box”
  • Katherine Idziorek, “Contextual Design in Copenhagen: Interview with Dorte Mandrup”\
  • Tyler Potts, “Skate City”
  • Abby Martin, “One Last Look”

Volume 21, 2007
"You Are Here."


  • Anisa Baldwin-Metzer, "Tatooed Landscapes"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Making a Part of the World"
  • Ken Tadashi Oshima, "You Are Here"
  • Curtis Names and David Lipe, "Material Wealth: An Interview with Andris Vanags"
  • Karen Esswein, "Play: Exploring Design Process"
  • Iain M. Robertson, "Plants and Place"
  • Alan Michelson, "Marketing the Neighborhood's Living Room: A Study of Seattle's Magnolia Branch Library"
  • Prentis Hale and Robert Hutchison, "Park Here"
  • Ozge Sade, "Identity, Modernity, Tradition: Two Commemorative Structures for the Founder Hero of Modern Turkey"
  • Ben Brady, "Japanese Joints: A Summer Travelogue"
  • Paula Patterson, "A Quiet Search for Meaning: A Conversation with Juhani Pallasmaa"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Stop Making Sense"
  • Jonathan Hernandez, "The Cult of Technology"
  • Folke Nyberg, "The Allegro Letters"
  • Susan Philipsen, "Glimpses of Mexico Recorded as Postcards"

Volume 20, 2006
"Inside Corners"


  • Brett Smith, "One Corner at a Time"
  • Prentis Hale, "Apartment 307"
  • Rainer Metzger, "Jack Christiansen-Thin Shell Concrete in the Pacific Northwest"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Cornered"
  • Dan Popick, "Architectural Whispers"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The Lake is Their Backyard"
  • Iain Robertson, "Toeholds for Plants Along the Ave's Flow of Feet"
  • Tyler Sprague, "The Stability of Interior Corners"
  • Tom Larsen, "The Bell Has Hung"
  • Ken Tadao Oshima, "Transnational Perspectives on Ralph Erskine"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Palimpset"
  • Rob Hutchinson & Prentis Hale, "The Interbay Roundhouse"
  • Paula Patterson, "Dangerous Liasons"
  • Liz Maly, "Inside/outside"
  • Alex T. Anderson, "Ornament and Grime"

Volume 19, 2005
"Control + Alt + Delete"

  • Justin Kliewer, "Introduction"
  • Elizabeth Maly, "Saffron Overlay"
  • Matthew Allen, "TC3"
  • Prentis Hale/Robert Hutchinson, "Tsubita Industrial Supply Co."
  • Folke Nyberg, Patrick Nopp, Jeff Boone, "Figuring Seattle"
  • Rikke Kirstine Larsen, "Copy and Paste"
  • John Stamets, "Deleting History"
  • Yamani Hernandez, "Palimpset"
  • Michelle Kinsch, "Walls that Obscure, Walls that Reveal"
  • Paula A. Patterson, "Alterity"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Empty Signs"
  • Michael Godfried, "A Tale of Two Cities"
  • Libby Blossom, "Objective No. 7"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The End of The Analytique"
  • Evan Bourquard, "The Basis on Which A Thing Stands"

Volume 18, 2004
"Behind The Curtain"

  • Matthew Eaton, "A Curtain is Not a Wall"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Pale Flags"
  • Patrese Martin, "The Architectural Negligee"
  • Pete Cohan, "The Black Box"
  • Myer Harrell, "Stone And Air"
  • Alex T. Anderson, "Ephemeral Walls, Borrowed Ornament"
  • Amy Tanner, "The Banker's Trust Building"
  • Devin Kleiner, "Emergence of Form"
  • Prentis Hale, "The Braeburn"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Double Think Spectacles"
  • Mattew Eaton, "Sea Gown"
  • Chris Brown, "A Walk Down Division Street"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Lionel Pries as a Printmaker"
  • Justin Kliewer, "Tatooed Glass"
  • Paula Patterson, "Eight Sighted Box"

Volume 17, 2003

  • Jessie Temple, "How To Handle Architecture"
  • Alex T. Anderson, "Accommodating the Hand That Grasps"
  • Jim Nicholls, "The Camoufleur"
  • Morgan Elliott, "Concrete"
  • Anne Hayden Stevens, "Generative"
  • Craig Hollow and Margaret Simeons, "MEZCLA/The Mix"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Ground Zero"
  • Prentis Hale and Robert Hutchinson, "Nike Missile Base-20"
  • Molly Cherney, "The Economics of Heritage"
  • Jaime Roberts, "A House in Sixteen Steps"
  • Grant Hildebrand, "Newly-Discoveres Socratic Dialogue, Provisionally Attributed To Plato"
  • Vasco Agnoli and Jessie Temple, "A Dictatorship of Sensitivity"

Volume 16, 2002
"Regeneration X"

  • Devin, Kleiner, "Regeneration X"
  • Bray Hayden and Justin Lowe, "Provacateur"
  • Amy Potter, "Keeping House in the Shadow of the Temple"
  • Aaron Pleskac, "The Material of Education"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Gens"
  • Brian McLaren, "Continuity and Discontinuity"
  • Jim Nicholls, "A Previous Absence"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Destruction and Rebirth: Seattle 1889"
  • Malkie Nowitz, "A Backyard View"
  • Paul Davis, "The Allegorical Labyrinth"
  • Jaime Roberts, "Expanding Mind, Evolving Self"
  • Matthew Bietz, "Voices of Material and Light"
  • Prentis Hale / Rob Hutchison, "Garage and Store Building"

Volume 15, 2001
"Paper or Plastic?"

  • John Passmore, "Dry Docks"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Public and/or Private"
  • Kevin Van den Wymelenberg, "Shattered Rear View Mirror"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Searching for New Regional Paradigms: The Lea House, Lopez Island, by Lionel Pries"
  • Jim Nicholls, "The Expanded Moment"
  • Erica Leak, "Should Native Equal Natural"
  • Jaime Roberts, "Evolution of the Brick: Materiality and Authenticity"
  • Alex T. Anderson, "Thinking in Shadow"
  • Design/Build.Mexico 2001, "Excerpts from Cuba 2001"
  • Catherine Barrett, "Hadrian and the Frontiers of Form"

Volume 14, 2000
"Appetite for Destruction"

  • Boaz Ashkenazy and Jamie Fleming, "Boom"
  • Brendan Connolly, "Betula Papyrifera: Paper Birch"
  • Katrina Deines, "Topography and Memory"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Explorations of an Alternative Modernism: The Transformation of the Lea House by Lionel Pries"
  • Jim Nicholls and Rebecca Nicholls, "Black and White"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Falling to Pieces"
  • Kathryn Rogers Merlino, "Abandoned Paradigms: An Essay on the Modest and the Monumental"
  • Anne Hayden Stevens, "Drawing will Never be Obsolete: Reflections on the Continuities between Traditional and Digital Media"
  • Prentis Hale and Robert Hutchinson, "Menu"

Volume 13, 1999
"Sensory Experience"

  • Matthew Albores and Jeffrey Murdock, "Introduction"
  • Alex T. Anderson, "Gastronomy, Architecture and the Continuity of Taste"
  • Katie Ellison, "The Shape of Light"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Rules of the Game"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Speculations on an Alternative Modernism: Two Projects by Lionel Pries"
  • Web Wilson. "Sauna"
  • Stanford Wyatt, "Dimensions of Thought: The Role of Imagery in Thinking"
  • Prentis Hale and Robert Hutchinson, "Seattle Felt Co."
  • Folke Nyberg, "Sensus Communis"
  • Amy Potter, "Following Our Noses: Rediscovering an Architecture of Place"
  • Chris Brown, "Common Sense"
  • Vikram Prakash, "The Disconcerting Fascination of Virtual Reality: On an Unreasonable Defense of the Internet"
  • Jeffrey Murdock and Matthew Albores, "Ghosts of a Renaissance Cathedral"
  • David Lopez, "Silence and the American Landscape"

Volume 12, 1998
"Architecture and Idea"

  • Jeff Boone, Matthew Aalfs, "Introduction"
  • Matthew Aalfs, "Critical Invention: A Conversation with Anthony Pellechia"
  • Doug Kelbaugh, "Modern Mannerism: The Chapel of St. ignatius"
  • Susan Dang, "Trailing the Idea"
  • Kate Brown, "Grand Coullee, Damming the Path to Eternal Light"
  • Vikram Prakash, "Abstraction: A Cultural Idea"
  • Prentis Hale and Rob Hutchinson, "Pacific Industrial Supply"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Eidos and the Thread of Ariadne"
  • Jim Nicholls, "A Common Language"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The Shared Play of Design Studio"
  • Michael Grasely, "Scenario"
  • David R. Lopez, "A House for the Muses; A House for Visitors"
  • Susan H. Jones, "Conversations"

Volume 11, 1997
"Thanks for Nothing"

  • Greg Carter, "Introduction: Thank You for Nothing"
  • Christopher Brown, "Waste"
  • Ernesto Dominguez, "You Can Live in the Shoe: A Conversation with Mark Millett"
  • Tom Baker, "Making Space for Improvisation: A Composer's Thoughts"
  • Rob Hutchinson and Prentis Hale, "Rectifier Building"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The Good Enough Mirror"
  • Sheri Newbold, "Cellars"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Marginalia"
  • Jill Eulate, "Children's Landscapes"
  • Gordon B. Varey and Grant Hildebrand, "Wiliam Grevel's House at Chipping Campden"
  • Jim Nicholls, "In the Shadow of Giants"

Volume 10, 1996
"Gravity and Levity"

  • Kirsten Wild, "Introduction"
  • Paul Stefanski, "A Nomadic Shelter for the Seattle Needle Exchange"
  • Peter Cohan, "Brick"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Design and Play: A Note"
  • Prentis Hale and Rob Hutchinson, "Flower Kiosk"
  • Katherine W. Rinne, "Topography, Gravity and Water Display in Rome"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Timber or Totem: The Nature of a Practice"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Chaosmos"
  • Daniel Simons and Christa Laib, "Equilibrium"
  • Claus Seligmann, "Is This Supposed to be a Joke, or What?"
  • Prentis Hale, "Ground"

Volume 9, 1995
"Body and Building"

  • Pearl Klein, "Body at 3:15"
  • Anjali Grant, "Introduction"
  • Emily Ann Basham, "Mythic Imagination and Public Art"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The Space of Loss"
  • Otto Condon, "The Body in Straw-Bale Construction"
  • Saul Manuel Golden, "Architecture in the Mind's Eye"
  • David Strauss and Kevin Kane, "Scale"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Figure and Ground"
  • Prentis Hale and Rob Hutchinson, "Jensen Motor Boat Co."
  • John Favazzo, "The Pulse of Historic Buildings"
  • Anjali Grant, "Threshold"

Volume 8, 1994

  • Prentis Hale and Dennis Sellin, "Introduction"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Logo-Architecture and the Architecture of the Logos"
  • Paul Stefanski, "The Poetics of Making"
  • Thomas H. Isarankura Na Ayuthaya, "Individualism and Pluralism"
  • Shannon Borg and Anjali Grant, "Dreams about Buildings"
  • Michael Pyatok, "Architecture in a Commodity Culture"
  • Alissa Rupp, "Virtual Arcecture"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Identity and Experience in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum"
  • Margo Peterson, "Fashion Form Fetish"
  • Paul Ormseth, "Civic Pluralism"

Volume 7, 1993

  • John Arnold and Nathalie David, "Introduction"
  • Claus Seligmann, "Kicking the (Im)mortality Habit"
  • Prentis Hale, "A Conversation with Steve Badanes"
  • Brian McWatters, "Technological Hubris: A Critique of the Astronauts Memorial"
  • Margo Peterson, "Jacob's Wife"
  • David Strauss and Kevin Kane, "Building Maintenance"
  • Maren Van Nostrand, "Running Out of Space: Two Cemeteries in Redmond"
  • John Stamets, "The Music Hall Theatre"
  • Bobby Pressley, Jr., "The Duality of One"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The Future of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial"
  • Brian Shumaker, "We are Building Skeletons in the Desert"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Architectural Nemesis"

Volume 6, 1992
"Image and Imagination"

  • Sarah Meskin, "Introduction"
  • Nathalie David, "Public Competitions in France: The Image of the State or the Imagination of the People"
  • Daniel Glenn, "Vivienda Digna: The Struggle for Dignified Housing in El Salvador"
  • David Rockwood, Leila Whitemore, John Williams, "Cretan's Paradox in Fictionland, or My House of Dreams, Therefore I Am Not: Notes Toward a Preface"
  • Jeffrey Ochsner, "Neither Scientist Nor Bricoleur"
  • Doug Kelbaugh, "After a Conference at Disney World: Some Thoughts on the Architecture of Entertainment"
  • Folke Nyberg,"Architecture as Vortex: A Journey of the Romantic Imagination"
  • David Maurer, "Imagination and the Sublime: Toward Invention"
  • Steve Juroszek, "The Rural Image from the Side of the Road"
  • Shannon Beesley, "Image y Mason"
  • Claus Seligmann, "Image Imagination Ethnocentrism"



Volume 5, 1991

  • "Introduction"
  • Jeffrey Ochsner, "The Missing Paradigm"
  • Brian Kaminski, "Silence of Place"
  • Tim Anderson, "The Arts and Crafts Movement: Touchstone for a West Coast Regionalism"
  • Keith Hayes, "Pueblo as Place"
  • Kari Anne Bergson, "Dwelling"
  • Thomas Veith, "A Northwest Architecture"
  • C. Th. Sorenson (Barbara Jenkins, trans.), "Junk Playgrounds"
  • Scott Becker, "The Homecoming of Andrew Wyeth"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Modernism in Place: From Arcadia to La La Land"



Volume 4, 1990
"The Building of Art/the Art of Building"

  • Thomas Veith, "Introduction"
  • Ted Van Dyk, "Hanging the Architect: Should Architecture by Shown in the Museum Gallery?"
  • Bill Kurtz, "An Interview with William P. Bruder"
  • Folke Nyberg, "From Baukunst to Bauhaus"
  • Sian Roberts (with Terry Findeisen), "Assemblage of Time"
  • Nancy Bishop, "Trompe L'Oeil in the Renaissance and Now"
  • Stan Zielinski, "Inner Sanctum"
  • David Foster, "Tectonics and the Art of Building"



Volume 3, 1989
"What is a Room?"

  • "Introduction"
  • Mona Thaler, "Rooms for Work"
  • Steve Doub, "Cats, Overcoats, and Shelter"
  • Claus Seligmann, "Speaking of Room"
  • Mason Bowles, "No Point of Departure"
  • Julia Lee Walton, "Evolution of a Turkish Room"
  • Trina Deines, "Dwelling in Howards End"
  • Ross Whitehead, "Accidents Will Happen"
  • Kari Kimura, "The Undefinable Room"
  • Daniel Streissguth, "What is a Living Room? What is this Living Room? How did it get that way?"



Volume 2, 1988

  • "Introduction"
  • Will Martin, "The Urn and the Chamber Pot: A Reconsideration of Permanence in Architecture"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Architectural Education and the Limits of Professionalism"
  • Anne Vernez-Moudon, "Normative/Substantive and Etic/Emic Dilemma in Design Education"
  • Art Peterson, "Architecture and the Tradition of Symbolism in Northwest Art: The View from Cold Mountain"
  • Christian Staub, A Photographic Retrospective
  • Doug Kelbaugh, "An Architecture of Limits"
  • David H. Wright, "The Limits of Architecture: An Inventory"
  • Mark Jenkins, Valdis Kirsis, Mark J. Young, "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"
  • Glenn Weiss, "Power Loss: Architecture in the Electronic Age"



Volume 1, 1987
"Critical Thinking"

  • Rebecca Barnes, "Introducing Column 5"
  • Brian Plton Johnson, "Architecture Hall: The Old Model Gets a Remodel"
  • Doug Kelbaugh, "Architecture Curriculum: Repealing, Appealing and Unpeeling the Onion"
  • Robrt Drucker, "Social Conscience in Design: ADPSR"
  • Ann Marit Bjoergen, "Architectural Education Here and There"
  • Rachel Avery, "Energy Conservation Still Popular at UW"
  • Joseph MacDonald, "Toward an Urban Design Manifesto: Three Faculty Interviews"
  • Jennifer Paris, "The Campus as Gallery"
  • Connie Holloway, "Underground Up"
  • Kathleen Randall, "Beyond Buildings"
  • Grant Graybeal, "Raising the Roof"
  • Ann Sheahan, "Dave Miller and Bob Hull: Partners in Architecture" [interview]
  • Jacquie Stock, "The Art and Science of Architectural Education"