Column 5

Back issues can be found in the College of Built Environments Library in Gould Hall on the UW campus.

Volume 24, 2012
"Mind the Gap"


  • Casey Goodwin, "Between Body and Environment"
  • Kimo Griggs, "Tolerance↔ Machine"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Reflection on Glass"
  • Lori Smithey, "Subverting the Clollapse"
  • Cheryl Gilge, "Digital Derive"
  •  Elizabeth Golden, "Following the Berlin Wall"
  • Amin Gilani, "Negotiating the Third Space"
  • Jeffrey Karl Oshsner, "A space of Absence"
  • Rick Mohler, "Mind the Ride"
  • Jesse Belkmap,"Two Streets"
  • Gundula  Proksch,"Found in Translation"
  • Kate Murphy and Katey Ricker, "Focus"
  • Alex Anderson, "Tolerance↔House"
  • Joshua Polansky," No space for space"

Volume 23, 2009
"Home Economics"


  • Alex T. Anderson, "Mass Perception"
  • Lauren Keene, "MICRO architecture"
  • Bob Mugerauer, "Housekeeping"
  • Joshua Polansky, "No Relief"
  • Megan Groth, "Homegrown"
  • Nicole Huber and Ralph Stern, "Urbanizing the Mojave Desert : Las Vegas"
  • Rob Potish, "Playing House"
  • Vikram Prakash, "Removing the Mask"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Evidence of Dreams"
  • Gundula Proksch, "In Vitro"
  • Folke Nyberg, "The Cloverleaf and the Grid"
  • Casey Goodwin, "Ubiquitous Convenience"
  • Jeffrey Ochsner, "Built Around a Garden"
  • Tomomi Miyashita, "Here. Now."
  • Ben Spencer, "Upgrading Slum Upgrading"
  • Ken Tadashi Oshima, "Modalities of Mobile Homes"
  • TiLT, "Platforms"
  • Robert Hutchison and Taiji Miyasaka, "Timber Grain Elevators"

Volume 22, 2008
"Turn For Clearer View"


  • Juhani Pallasmaa, “Function Vs. Image”
  • John Stamets, “Digital Vs. Film Photography”
  • Daniel Belcher, “Agents, Crowds, Architectures”
  • John Bass, “The Social Agency of Drawing”
  • Joshua Polansky and Heather Seneff, “Photographs from the Victor Steinbrueck Archive”
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, “Lost Work by Lionel Pries: The John and Dorothy Hall Residence”
  • Ken Oshima, “Testing the Limits of Inhabitation”
  • Paula Anne Patterson and Andris Vanags, “The Secret Life of Wood”
  • Alex T. Anderson, “Naked and Brutal”
  • Jeff Hou, “Urban Microcosm”
  • Alan Michelson, “Ballard Manning’s Saga: Landmark or Road Block?”
  • Jim Nicholls, “The Horse’s Mouth”
  • Andre Taybron, “Beyond the Cone of Vision”
  • Kathryn Rogers Merlino and Peter Steinbrueck, “The Greenest Practice”
  • Frank Ching, Nina Franey, Louisa Iarocci and Brian McLaren, “Walls of Rome: Re-making/Re-presenting Cities”
  • Iain M. Robertson, “Renovation of a City-Scaled Window Box”
  • Katherine Idziorek, “Contextual Design in Copenhagen: Interview with Dorte Mandrup”\
  • Tyler Potts, “Skate City”
  • Abby Martin, “One Last Look”

Volume 21, 2007
"You Are Here."


  • Anisa Baldwin-Metzer, "Tatooed Landscapes"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Making a Part of the World"
  • Ken Tadashi Oshima, "You Are Here"
  • Curtis Names and David Lipe, "Material Wealth: An Interview with Andris Vanags"
  • Karen Esswein, "Play: Exploring Design Process"
  • Iain M. Robertson, "Plants and Place"
  • Alan Michelson, "Marketing the Neighborhood's Living Room: A Study of Seattle's Magnolia Branch Library"
  • Prentis Hale and Robert Hutchison, "Park Here"
  • Ozge Sade, "Identity, Modernity, Tradition: Two Commemorative Structures for the Founder Hero of Modern Turkey"
  • Ben Brady, "Japanese Joints: A Summer Travelogue"
  • Paula Patterson, "A Quiet Search for Meaning: A Conversation with Juhani Pallasmaa"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Stop Making Sense"
  • Jonathan Hernandez, "The Cult of Technology"
  • Folke Nyberg, "The Allegro Letters"
  • Susan Philipsen, "Glimpses of Mexico Recorded as Postcards"

Volume 20, 2006
"Inside Corners"


  • Brett Smith, "One Corner at a Time"
  • Prentis Hale, "Apartment 307"
  • Rainer Metzger, "Jack Christiansen-Thin Shell Concrete in the Pacific Northwest"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Cornered"
  • Dan Popick, "Architectural Whispers"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The Lake is Their Backyard"
  • Iain Robertson, "Toeholds for Plants Along the Ave's Flow of Feet"
  • Tyler Sprague, "The Stability of Interior Corners"
  • Tom Larsen, "The Bell Has Hung"
  • Ken Tadao Oshima, "Transnational Perspectives on Ralph Erskine"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Palimpset"
  • Rob Hutchinson & Prentis Hale, "The Interbay Roundhouse"
  • Paula Patterson, "Dangerous Liasons"
  • Liz Maly, "Inside/outside"
  • Alex T. Anderson, "Ornament and Grime"

Volume 19, 2005
"Control + Alt + Delete"

  • Justin Kliewer, "Introduction"
  • Elizabeth Maly, "Saffron Overlay"
  • Matthew Allen, "TC3"
  • Prentis Hale/Robert Hutchinson, "Tsubita Industrial Supply Co."
  • Folke Nyberg, Patrick Nopp, Jeff Boone, "Figuring Seattle"
  • Rikke Kirstine Larsen, "Copy and Paste"
  • John Stamets, "Deleting History"
  • Yamani Hernandez, "Palimpset"
  • Michelle Kinsch, "Walls that Obscure, Walls that Reveal"
  • Paula A. Patterson, "Alterity"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Empty Signs"
  • Michael Godfried, "A Tale of Two Cities"
  • Libby Blossom, "Objective No. 7"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The End of The Analytique"
  • Evan Bourquard, "The Basis on Which A Thing Stands"

Volume 18, 2004
"Behind The Curtain"

  • Matthew Eaton, "A Curtain is Not a Wall"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Pale Flags"
  • Patrese Martin, "The Architectural Negligee"
  • Pete Cohan, "The Black Box"
  • Myer Harrell, "Stone And Air"
  • Alex T. Anderson, "Ephemeral Walls, Borrowed Ornament"
  • Amy Tanner, "The Banker's Trust Building"
  • Devin Kleiner, "Emergence of Form"
  • Prentis Hale, "The Braeburn"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Double Think Spectacles"
  • Mattew Eaton, "Sea Gown"
  • Chris Brown, "A Walk Down Division Street"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Lionel Pries as a Printmaker"
  • Justin Kliewer, "Tatooed Glass"
  • Paula Patterson, "Eight Sighted Box"

Volume 17, 2003

  • Jessie Temple, "How To Handle Architecture"
  • Alex T. Anderson, "Accommodating the Hand That Grasps"
  • Jim Nicholls, "The Camoufleur"
  • Morgan Elliott, "Concrete"
  • Anne Hayden Stevens, "Generative"
  • Craig Hollow and Margaret Simeons, "MEZCLA/The Mix"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Ground Zero"
  • Prentis Hale and Robert Hutchinson, "Nike Missile Base-20"
  • Molly Cherney, "The Economics of Heritage"
  • Jaime Roberts, "A House in Sixteen Steps"
  • Grant Hildebrand, "Newly-Discoveres Socratic Dialogue, Provisionally Attributed To Plato"
  • Vasco Agnoli and Jessie Temple, "A Dictatorship of Sensitivity"

Volume 16, 2002
"Regeneration X"

  • Devin, Kleiner, "Regeneration X"
  • Bray Hayden and Justin Lowe, "Provacateur"
  • Amy Potter, "Keeping House in the Shadow of the Temple"
  • Aaron Pleskac, "The Material of Education"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Gens"
  • Brian McLaren, "Continuity and Discontinuity"
  • Jim Nicholls, "A Previous Absence"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Destruction and Rebirth: Seattle 1889"
  • Malkie Nowitz, "A Backyard View"
  • Paul Davis, "The Allegorical Labyrinth"
  • Jaime Roberts, "Expanding Mind, Evolving Self"
  • Matthew Bietz, "Voices of Material and Light"
  • Prentis Hale / Rob Hutchison, "Garage and Store Building"

Volume 15, 2001
"Paper or Plastic?"

  • John Passmore, "Dry Docks"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Public and/or Private"
  • Kevin Van den Wymelenberg, "Shattered Rear View Mirror"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Searching for New Regional Paradigms: The Lea House, Lopez Island, by Lionel Pries"
  • Jim Nicholls, "The Expanded Moment"
  • Erica Leak, "Should Native Equal Natural"
  • Jaime Roberts, "Evolution of the Brick: Materiality and Authenticity"
  • Alex T. Anderson, "Thinking in Shadow"
  • Design/Build.Mexico 2001, "Excerpts from Cuba 2001"
  • Catherine Barrett, "Hadrian and the Frontiers of Form"

Volume 14, 2000
"Appetite for Destruction"

  • Boaz Ashkenazy and Jamie Fleming, "Boom"
  • Brendan Connolly, "Betula Papyrifera: Paper Birch"
  • Katrina Deines, "Topography and Memory"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Explorations of an Alternative Modernism: The Transformation of the Lea House by Lionel Pries"
  • Jim Nicholls and Rebecca Nicholls, "Black and White"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Falling to Pieces"
  • Kathryn Rogers Merlino, "Abandoned Paradigms: An Essay on the Modest and the Monumental"
  • Anne Hayden Stevens, "Drawing will Never be Obsolete: Reflections on the Continuities between Traditional and Digital Media"
  • Prentis Hale and Robert Hutchinson, "Menu"

Volume 13, 1999
"Sensory Experience"

  • Matthew Albores and Jeffrey Murdock, "Introduction"
  • Alex T. Anderson, "Gastronomy, Architecture and the Continuity of Taste"
  • Katie Ellison, "The Shape of Light"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Rules of the Game"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Speculations on an Alternative Modernism: Two Projects by Lionel Pries"
  • Web Wilson. "Sauna"
  • Stanford Wyatt, "Dimensions of Thought: The Role of Imagery in Thinking"
  • Prentis Hale and Robert Hutchinson, "Seattle Felt Co."
  • Folke Nyberg, "Sensus Communis"
  • Amy Potter, "Following Our Noses: Rediscovering an Architecture of Place"
  • Chris Brown, "Common Sense"
  • Vikram Prakash, "The Disconcerting Fascination of Virtual Reality: On an Unreasonable Defense of the Internet"
  • Jeffrey Murdock and Matthew Albores, "Ghosts of a Renaissance Cathedral"
  • David Lopez, "Silence and the American Landscape"

Volume 12, 1998
"Architecture and Idea"

  • Jeff Boone, Matthew Aalfs, "Introduction"
  • Matthew Aalfs, "Critical Invention: A Conversation with Anthony Pellechia"
  • Doug Kelbaugh, "Modern Mannerism: The Chapel of St. ignatius"
  • Susan Dang, "Trailing the Idea"
  • Kate Brown, "Grand Coullee, Damming the Path to Eternal Light"
  • Vikram Prakash, "Abstraction: A Cultural Idea"
  • Prentis Hale and Rob Hutchinson, "Pacific Industrial Supply"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Eidos and the Thread of Ariadne"
  • Jim Nicholls, "A Common Language"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The Shared Play of Design Studio"
  • Michael Grasely, "Scenario"
  • David R. Lopez, "A House for the Muses; A House for Visitors"
  • Susan H. Jones, "Conversations"

Volume 11, 1997
"Thanks for Nothing"

  • Greg Carter, "Introduction: Thank You for Nothing"
  • Christopher Brown, "Waste"
  • Ernesto Dominguez, "You Can Live in the Shoe: A Conversation with Mark Millett"
  • Tom Baker, "Making Space for Improvisation: A Composer's Thoughts"
  • Rob Hutchinson and Prentis Hale, "Rectifier Building"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The Good Enough Mirror"
  • Sheri Newbold, "Cellars"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Marginalia"
  • Jill Eulate, "Children's Landscapes"
  • Gordon B. Varey and Grant Hildebrand, "Wiliam Grevel's House at Chipping Campden"
  • Jim Nicholls, "In the Shadow of Giants"

Volume 10, 1996
"Gravity and Levity"

  • Kirsten Wild, "Introduction"
  • Paul Stefanski, "A Nomadic Shelter for the Seattle Needle Exchange"
  • Peter Cohan, "Brick"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Design and Play: A Note"
  • Prentis Hale and Rob Hutchinson, "Flower Kiosk"
  • Katherine W. Rinne, "Topography, Gravity and Water Display in Rome"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Timber or Totem: The Nature of a Practice"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Chaosmos"
  • Daniel Simons and Christa Laib, "Equilibrium"
  • Claus Seligmann, "Is This Supposed to be a Joke, or What?"
  • Prentis Hale, "Ground"

Volume 9, 1995
"Body and Building"

  • Pearl Klein, "Body at 3:15"
  • Anjali Grant, "Introduction"
  • Emily Ann Basham, "Mythic Imagination and Public Art"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The Space of Loss"
  • Otto Condon, "The Body in Straw-Bale Construction"
  • Saul Manuel Golden, "Architecture in the Mind's Eye"
  • David Strauss and Kevin Kane, "Scale"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Figure and Ground"
  • Prentis Hale and Rob Hutchinson, "Jensen Motor Boat Co."
  • John Favazzo, "The Pulse of Historic Buildings"
  • Anjali Grant, "Threshold"

Volume 8, 1994

  • Prentis Hale and Dennis Sellin, "Introduction"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Logo-Architecture and the Architecture of the Logos"
  • Paul Stefanski, "The Poetics of Making"
  • Thomas H. Isarankura Na Ayuthaya, "Individualism and Pluralism"
  • Shannon Borg and Anjali Grant, "Dreams about Buildings"
  • Michael Pyatok, "Architecture in a Commodity Culture"
  • Alissa Rupp, "Virtual Arcecture"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "Identity and Experience in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum"
  • Margo Peterson, "Fashion Form Fetish"
  • Paul Ormseth, "Civic Pluralism"

Volume 7, 1993

  • John Arnold and Nathalie David, "Introduction"
  • Claus Seligmann, "Kicking the (Im)mortality Habit"
  • Prentis Hale, "A Conversation with Steve Badanes"
  • Brian McWatters, "Technological Hubris: A Critique of the Astronauts Memorial"
  • Margo Peterson, "Jacob's Wife"
  • David Strauss and Kevin Kane, "Building Maintenance"
  • Maren Van Nostrand, "Running Out of Space: Two Cemeteries in Redmond"
  • John Stamets, "The Music Hall Theatre"
  • Bobby Pressley, Jr., "The Duality of One"
  • Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, "The Future of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial"
  • Brian Shumaker, "We are Building Skeletons in the Desert"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Architectural Nemesis"

Volume 6, 1992
"Image and Imagination"

  • Sarah Meskin, "Introduction"
  • Nathalie David, "Public Competitions in France: The Image of the State or the Imagination of the People"
  • Daniel Glenn, "Vivienda Digna: The Struggle for Dignified Housing in El Salvador"
  • David Rockwood, Leila Whitemore, John Williams, "Cretan's Paradox in Fictionland, or My House of Dreams, Therefore I Am Not: Notes Toward a Preface"
  • Jeffrey Ochsner, "Neither Scientist Nor Bricoleur"
  • Doug Kelbaugh, "After a Conference at Disney World: Some Thoughts on the Architecture of Entertainment"
  • Folke Nyberg,"Architecture as Vortex: A Journey of the Romantic Imagination"
  • David Maurer, "Imagination and the Sublime: Toward Invention"
  • Steve Juroszek, "The Rural Image from the Side of the Road"
  • Shannon Beesley, "Image y Mason"
  • Claus Seligmann, "Image Imagination Ethnocentrism"



Volume 5, 1991

  • "Introduction"
  • Jeffrey Ochsner, "The Missing Paradigm"
  • Brian Kaminski, "Silence of Place"
  • Tim Anderson, "The Arts and Crafts Movement: Touchstone for a West Coast Regionalism"
  • Keith Hayes, "Pueblo as Place"
  • Kari Anne Bergson, "Dwelling"
  • Thomas Veith, "A Northwest Architecture"
  • C. Th. Sorenson (Barbara Jenkins, trans.), "Junk Playgrounds"
  • Scott Becker, "The Homecoming of Andrew Wyeth"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Modernism in Place: From Arcadia to La La Land"



Volume 4, 1990
"The Building of Art/the Art of Building"

  • Thomas Veith, "Introduction"
  • Ted Van Dyk, "Hanging the Architect: Should Architecture by Shown in the Museum Gallery?"
  • Bill Kurtz, "An Interview with William P. Bruder"
  • Folke Nyberg, "From Baukunst to Bauhaus"
  • Sian Roberts (with Terry Findeisen), "Assemblage of Time"
  • Nancy Bishop, "Trompe L'Oeil in the Renaissance and Now"
  • Stan Zielinski, "Inner Sanctum"
  • David Foster, "Tectonics and the Art of Building"



Volume 3, 1989
"What is a Room?"

  • "Introduction"
  • Mona Thaler, "Rooms for Work"
  • Steve Doub, "Cats, Overcoats, and Shelter"
  • Claus Seligmann, "Speaking of Room"
  • Mason Bowles, "No Point of Departure"
  • Julia Lee Walton, "Evolution of a Turkish Room"
  • Trina Deines, "Dwelling in Howards End"
  • Ross Whitehead, "Accidents Will Happen"
  • Kari Kimura, "The Undefinable Room"
  • Daniel Streissguth, "What is a Living Room? What is this Living Room? How did it get that way?"



Volume 2, 1988

  • "Introduction"
  • Will Martin, "The Urn and the Chamber Pot: A Reconsideration of Permanence in Architecture"
  • Folke Nyberg, "Architectural Education and the Limits of Professionalism"
  • Anne Vernez-Moudon, "Normative/Substantive and Etic/Emic Dilemma in Design Education"
  • Art Peterson, "Architecture and the Tradition of Symbolism in Northwest Art: The View from Cold Mountain"
  • Christian Staub, A Photographic Retrospective
  • Doug Kelbaugh, "An Architecture of Limits"
  • David H. Wright, "The Limits of Architecture: An Inventory"
  • Mark Jenkins, Valdis Kirsis, Mark J. Young, "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"
  • Glenn Weiss, "Power Loss: Architecture in the Electronic Age"



Volume 1, 1987
"Critical Thinking"

  • Rebecca Barnes, "Introducing Column 5"
  • Brian Plton Johnson, "Architecture Hall: The Old Model Gets a Remodel"
  • Doug Kelbaugh, "Architecture Curriculum: Repealing, Appealing and Unpeeling the Onion"
  • Robrt Drucker, "Social Conscience in Design: ADPSR"
  • Ann Marit Bjoergen, "Architectural Education Here and There"
  • Rachel Avery, "Energy Conservation Still Popular at UW"
  • Joseph MacDonald, "Toward an Urban Design Manifesto: Three Faculty Interviews"
  • Jennifer Paris, "The Campus as Gallery"
  • Connie Holloway, "Underground Up"
  • Kathleen Randall, "Beyond Buildings"
  • Grant Graybeal, "Raising the Roof"
  • Ann Sheahan, "Dave Miller and Bob Hull: Partners in Architecture" [interview]
  • Jacquie Stock, "The Art and Science of Architectural Education"