SKIN was founded in 2004 to present the design projects of students in the Department of Architecture to a wider audience. SKIN is, effectively, a student salon representing the work produced in the department each year. SKIN is edited by a team of students and faculty. The current faculty editors are Jim Nicholls, David Miller, and Alex Anderson.


Volume 9, 2012


  • Jim Nicholls, "Urban Bicycle Station"
  • Elizabeth Golden, "Georgetown Maker Lab"
  • Rick Mohler, "North Seattle Recycling and Community Center"
  • Jim Nicholls, “Tectonic Intentions”
  • Student Work from Tectonic Studio

Volume 8, 2011


  • Amit Ittyerah, "Kinesthetic Metabolic Depolarization at Multi-Modal Transport Hub Kashmiri Gate"
  • Lauren McCunney, "Cultivating the Commons: Community Food Security in Southwest Washington, D.C."
  • Chanachai Bamroongphong, "Learning Sustainable Use of Energy Through Architecture: A Net Zero Energy UW Study Center of Seattle"
  • Thesis Bytes,
  • “City Makes. City Lives”
  • "Landscape, Still Life, Portrait"
  • "Design Integration"
  • "The Urban Bicycle”
  •  “A Community Gathering Cycle”
  • India Studio: “Study of Furniture”
  • Rome: “People Meet in Architecture”
  • Andreas Herdegen, Architectural Photography: “Industrial Walls”

Volume 7, 2010


  • Brandusa Bularca, "Manufacturing Fields: Man-making and Re-making of Seattle Metropolitan Industries"
  • Sheng Zhao, "Retrofitting Subsidized Housing with Neighborhood Amenities: A Humanistic Response to Rapid Urbanization in Zhengzou, China"
  • Merith Ann Bennett, "Creating Place: Taco Trucks of Seattle"
  • Thesis Bytes,
  • Murcutt Studio: "Maria River Education Center"
  • Integrated Urban Agriculture: "Living + Growing in Yesler Terrace"
  • Mexico Studio: "Projects for Merida, Yukatan"
  • Twisp Collab/Fab Studio "Sprouthouse”
  • Furniture Studio: “The Ethics of Making”
  • Concept Model: “Site Interpretation to Site Strategy”
  • Tradition Building Methods: “System Materials”
  • Adaptive Re-use and Building Vernacular: “Project Re-make”
  • Architectural Photography: “Fences”

Volume 6, 2009


  • Adam Amsel, "Rethinking Urban Support Systems: Alternative Food Distrubution and Production in Seattle"
  • Jill Browning, "Urban Movement Systems: New Transportation Hub in Riga, Latvia"
  • Scott Crawford, "An Architecture of Relationships Built Upon the Use of Parametric Modeling and Evaluative Analysis"
  • Karen Esswein, "Play-House"
  • Africa Studio: "Design for the Children"
  • India Studio: "The Modern City in the Age of Globalization"
  • Japan Studio: "Cultural Crossroads"
  • Merith Bennett, "Coffee Stands of Snohomish County"

Volume 5, 2008


  • Marlo Dowell, "Architecture That Redefines (Socio-Economic) Boundaries"
  • Katherine Freels, "Digital Design and Fabrication"
  • Katherine Idziorek, "Intervention / Interpretation on Xijie, a Street in China"
  • Eirik Lobek, "A Modular Home Manufacturing Facility"
  • Nathan Lowe, "A Demanufacturing Center"
  • Tim Hammett, "Migrants, the Border and Exposure"
  • Caroline Davis, "The Last Supper: Transforming Space"
  • Ane Sonderaal Tolfsen, "Garage Doors"

Volume 4, 2007


  • Po-Hsuan Li, “Possibilities of Urban Residential Space in the Future: Take Taipei”
  • Rebecca Roberts, “Designing with Salvage: Finding Value in the Alaskan Way Viaduct”
  • Ray Villanueva, “Architecture for People Who Need It: A Model For Sustainable Development in Development Nations”
  • Hai Peng Ren, “VERTICAL LIFE: A Model for a High-Rise Apartment Complex in Beijing”
  • Chad Robertson, “Ecology and Movement: A Transportation Hub for the City of Seattle”
  • Sebastian Quinn, “A Japanese-American Internment Museum”
  • John Humphries, instructor, Graphics Courses: “5 x 5” and “Myth Space”
  • John Stamets, instructor, Large Format Photography
  • Ben Dalton, instructor, Digital Craft Workshop
  • Mehlika Inanici, instructor, Simulation Based Design
  • Kathryn Merlino, instructor, Vernacular Seminar: a Coursework on Fieldwork and Theory
  • Mary Johnston, instructor, Undergraduate Studio: “El Mercado”
  • Judith Swain, instructor, Undergraduate Studio: “Discovery Park Center for Performing Arts”
  • Peter Cohan, instructor, Graduate Tectonic Studio: “Building a Better Doghouse: the New Seattle Bus Terminal”
  • Anthony Pellecchia, instructor, Graduate Comprehensive Studio: “Seattle College of Design”
  • Jim Nicholls, instructor Graduate Design Studio: “Storefront Studio, Kent, Washington”
  • Nicole Huber, Instructor, Graduate Design Studio: “Global Practices and Local Sites: Re-Connecting the Seattle Center”
  • Steve Badanes And Chad Robertson, instructors, Design Build Studio Wood Project
  • Jennifer Dee, faculty advisor, Architectural Competition NOLA Design Build
  • John Stamets, photographer, Architecture Hall Renovation Construction Photos

Volume 3, 2006


  • "Introduction"
  • Jung-ahn Choi, " Towards A Net-Zero Office Building"
  • Dylan Glosecki, "An Aluminium Can Re-Manufacturing Facility"
  • Steve Coulston, "Memorial To Naval Special Warfare"
  • Maria Do, "Memory And Reconciliation "
  • Joel Loveland, "Passive Envir. Control Systems"
  • Anne Stevens, "Freehand Drawing In The Digital World"
  • Dave Miller, "Design Development"
  • Sharon Sutton, "Montlake Community Center"
  • Nicole Huber,Brian McLaren, Jeffrey Ochsner & David Strauss, "Urban Design Studio"
  • Rick Mohler, "Steel Design Competition Studio"
  • Wyn Bielaska, "Future of Flight Museum"
  • Peter Cohan, "Nordic Heritage Museum"
  • Lynne Manzo, Michael Pyatok & Dana Walker, "Yakima Studio"
  • Karren Esswein, "Trace"
  • Jeffrey Ottem, "Tun"



Volume 2, 2005


  • "Introduction"
  • Evan Bouquard "Ghost Church "
  • Laura Lenss, "Capturing The Next Shift "
  • Mark Ward, "Stitching Transit Modes"
  • Sean Kakigi, "Nihonmachi Culinary Center"
  • Joseph Bashaw, "Shifting Tides"
  • Michael Henderson, "Mukilteo Multimodal"
  • Delineations
  • Parachute Pavilion
  • Flight 93
  • AIDS Memorial
  • Barry Onouye, "Intro Structures III"
  • Boaz Ashkenanzy, "Computers in Architecture"
  • Jamie Fleming, "3D Modeling And Redndering"
  • Frank Ching, "Intro Undergraduate"
  • Galen Minah / mary Johnston, "Intro Graduate"
  • Mike Culpepper, Jeffrey Ochsner, "Urban Design"
  • Wyn Bielaska, "Advanced grad"
  • Peter Cohan/ Jennifer Dee, "88 Buildings"


Volume 1, 2004


  • Peter Spruance, "An Aural Architecture"
  • Vasco Agnoli, "New LA"
  • Junta Kato, "Tokyo Re-model"
  • Shih-Yao Hung, "Reading As Writing"
  • Nina Franey/Nicole Taylor, "A Cultivated Dwelling"
  • Noji Commons/Give Voice, "UW Design/Build"
  • Peter Cohan/Glenn Murcutt, "Buildings And Landscapes"
  • Charlie Anderson/ Jen Dee/Penelope West, "Material Re-presentation"
  • Jim Nicholls, "Vespa Dealership"
  • Dave Miller, "Pre-Fabrication"
  • Andris Vanags, "Furniture"
  • Bryan Berkas/Vasco Agnoli/Brian Groetsmacher, "Delineations Exhibits"
  • Jeremy Ehly, "Corners & Cornices"