Integrated Design Lab

The Integrated Design Lab, formerly known as the Daylighting Lab, was started over a decade ago as an element of the Lighting Design Lab in Seattle, WA. With the support of Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s BetterBricks Lab Network, state agencies, and the public universities, the original lab in Seattle has expanded into a network of labs across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

The staff consists of lighting consultants and student interns from the UW who are always happy to help other UW students with their lighting questions. Students can contact IDL staff to use the facilities.

Facilities at the IDL include: a Lighting Demonstration Area; a Heliodon for examining how direct sunlight interacts with an architect's building design; an Overcast Sky Simulator; a Mock-up Room for testing electric lighting ideas; and a Lighting Classroom for lectures and discussions.

Integrated Design Lab | Puget Sound
1501 East Madison St., Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206-616-6566
Fax: 206-616-8915

Joel Loveland, Director and Professor of Architecture
Chris Meek, Daylighting Specialist and Research Assistant Professor  
Rob Peña, Building Performance Consultant and Associate Professor
Heather Burpee, Health Design Assistant Research Professor           
Aaron Helmers, Research Associate
Linnea Kretz, Program Support Supervisor