Professionals Advisory Council

The Department of Architecture Professionals Advisory Council maintains a dialog between practicing architects, allied design professionals, and the department faculty. This dialog informs the profession about departmental concerns and larger academic issues. In turn, faculty gain greater awareness of marketplace realities and trends. Through participation in the council, members enjoy opportunities for professional growth while supporting the department.


  • To provide feedback about the evolving realities of practice to the
    Department of Architecture
  • To act as a liaison between the Department of Architecture and the
    community of architectural practitioners
  • To act as a liaison between the Department of Architecture and other
    professionals’ advisory groups in the College of Built Environments
  • To provide recommendations and support for aspects of the department’s
    programs that build the professional merit of its graduates
  • To help students in the department better understand the professional
    practice of architecture and associated career paths
  • To help develop and maintain transitional programs, such as internships,
    that will assist graduates in developing their careers
  • To support continuing education for practicing architects in diverse career
  • To help the department access resources from the professional
    community for the benefit of its students